About Company

E-wastebd is Bangladesh’s first and leading professional E-waste Management and E -commerce Company that has set industry benchmarks time and again with its innovative & environment friendly e-waste management practices. E-Wastebd provides comprehensive, effective, and responsible e-waste management services to get rid of electronic wastes. 

E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world because; consumption of electronic equipment has direct relation with our socio-economic development, change in technology, fashion & style. As one of the world’s fastest developing nations, Bangladesh is going to witness a fast increasing load of e-waste, originating from both household consumption and enterprises so it’s the high time to manage the e waste and save the human health and our country as well.

 If we further add, the growing demands for or Prime Minister “Seikh Hasina” Digital Bangladesh, Smart Cities. In Our Counter the consumption of electronic gadgets is expected to touch to 2.24 million tons by 2025 and its hit 4.62 million tons in 2035.


An enthusiastic computer engineer post graduates from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology named Toufiq Rahman was the founder of E-wastebd.com. E-Waste was founded in 2020 to make e-waste disposal sustainable and clean across the country. 

The Company has the finest technology available for Collect e-waste and separating the hazardous content present from the waste. Our motto makes our Enviourment one of the most sustainable in the country with zero waste technology.

Our Vision

Our Vision is “F³” that’s means radiation FREE Health, Polluted FREE air and E-waste FREE Bangladesh. We are starting E-wastebd.com to serve better green country with healthy people. This is our main focus and motto.  

E-wastebd.com provides more professional services related to Secured Yours family Health and improved E-waste Management and First e-waste free country. 

Our waste equipment collection service includes specialist, IT equipment and domestic appliances.

Our Mission

Our Main Mission is to create Awareness among the all peoples in our cities to countryside’s. How to manage the electrical waste and how to damped e-waste through digital platform and earn money from it.
Both House and corporate offices aren’t aware of e-waste even they don’t know its impacts on our body and nature. Our mission is 
To set up more locations in Bangladesh that will help our clients handle all their E-waste.
To be a one-stop service center and cater to market demands for secure and the best
values for E-waste.
Let the people know that their waste can make money and its improving health issues.